Sunbrella Track-Style Golf Cart Enclosure

Sunbrella Track-Style Golf Cart Enclosure

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Sunbrella Track-Style Golf Cart Enclosure


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DoorWorks Sunbrella Track-Style Canvas Enclosure

Made for 2 Passenger Roofs.

DoorWorks Track Enclosures fit great with Golf Bag set up, Rear Facing Seat or a Utility Box with no customization.

Made to fit EZGO, ICON, AdvancedEV, Club Car, Yamaha and more.

Track-Style Enclosure consists of 3 main fabric pieces (2 Sides and 1 Rear) that slide on pre-drilled awning track (included with purchase). Installation is very easy and can be done at home.

Key Features

Easy Install at Home

What's Included?

  • 2 Side Curtains
  • 1 Rear Curtain Pre-drilled Awning Tracks
  • Front Roof Support Wraps
  • Solid 3 piece Valance
  • Hardware and Instructions required for quick install
  • Free Shipping
  • 3-Year Warranty

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Sunbrella Canvas Track-Style DoorWorks Golf Cart Cover Enclosure has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 197 reviews.

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  • Do you have cart enclosure for Icon i20

    Yes we do. It is located here.

  • Does this have a front window?

    No it does not have a front window.  It is made for golf carts with windshields.

  • does this cover fit 2004 club cart short roof

    Yes. Just make sure you choose the correct cart type. You can find what golf cart you have by visiting this page.

  • Does the cover come with a golf club cover

    It does not include the DryClub Canopy. However, you can add the DryClub Canopy by checking the box under the Top Accessories section.

  • How do you get the sides rolled up evenly so no excess shows?

    The best way is to fold the front corner back over the fabric to square it up. Then rolling it up and there will be no excess.

  • So does the valance fit onto the same rail as the side covers. Sunbrella style enclosure yamaha drive 2

    The Sunbrella Track Enclosures includes an interchangeable valance. It will attach to the top of the side and rear panels and will snap to the front of the cover. The sides and rear panels are the only sections that go into a track. This method is great because the valance stays secure and does not slide around in a separate track.

  • I have a 2002 EZGO TXT roof with 3/4 inch frame, however, body changed to 2014. Do I buy pre-2014 or post 2014 cover?

    Since you still have the 3/4" front roof support please buy the EZGO TXT (94-13). If the front roof supports have been upgraded to the 1" then buy the 2014+. Thanks.

  • What is shipping cost to Montana

    We offer free shipping on any orders over $150 shipped in the US!

  • I have a 2012 EZGO TXT. do you have one that will work?

    Yes we do. You will want to select EZGO TXT (94-13)

  • Do the track enclosures slide open or roll up?

    Track enclosures zip/unzip and roll up or down. When rolled up, the door is secured by a velcro strap at the top of the enclosure and tucked away under the valance.

  • I have the tracks, can I just get the cover?

    Awning tracks are included in the order, if you do not need them then disgard.

  • I have a (cart type here). Will this fit my cart?

    The best way to know for certain if an enclosure will fit your cart specifically would be to send a photo of your cart to

    We will reply with further information on fitment.

  • do you have a Sunbrella Track-Style golf cart enclosure for a 1996 Club Car?

    Yes, that would be a Pre2000 Club Car.

  • It shows you can use snaps or a wrap on the front posts. How do the doors attach to the front post if you choose the wrap. I am not a big fan of snaps.

    The front roof supports attachment method has been upgraded to a separating zippered wrap.

    This is a clean look that lasts for years and works with mirrors, front windshields and any other accessory that secure to the front roof supports. 

    Separate the front of the cover with the zipper and roll up with ease.

  • Do you have a Hinged Door Enclosure for the Club Car Onward?

    Yes we do.

  • Are the side valances hard?

    No the valances are the same material as the enclosure. The sunbrella canvas.

  • I do not need the back cover for clubs. It has that. Can I get a cover without that?

    The DryClub canopy is sold separately.

  • Can you just roll up the door and leave side panel down?

    Yes. You can roll up just the doors.

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