Allied Lithium Batteries for Golf Carts 72V (Includes Lithium Charger)

Allied Lithium Batteries for Golf Carts 72V (Includes Lithium Charger)

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Allied Lithium Batteries for Golf Carts 72V (Includes Lithium Charger)


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Why Choose Allied Lithium?


Zero Maintenance

No more rubber gloves, corrosion or adding water. Adding water is not only a troublesome task, but it can overflow and ruin the garage floor.


1/5 the weight

Allied Lithium Batteries weigh 28lbs and require much fewer batteries to run the cart efficiently. This results in an average weight reduction of 250+ lbs!

This dramatic weight reduction increases acceleration, maximum speed, and distance!

Fast Charging

After a round or two of golf or enjoying a day around the neighborhood just plug in the Lithium Charger for an hour or two and the batteries will be fully charged.

No need to trickle charge all day and night. Once charged the battery will only lose about 2-5% charge per month.


How many batteries do I need?

Start by determining if you have a Class 1 or Class 2 Golf Cart. Then if you would like standard range (more than enough for most users) or extended range (great for power users).


  • Top speed 12-16 mph.
  • Stock (not modified) Controller

Standard Range: 4 x 72V 18Ah Batteries (72Ah) 35-40 Miles


  • Carts max speed 17-23 mph
  • Modified / Upgraded Controller
  • Larger tires with lift kit
  • Multiple 12V accessories

Standard Range: 5 x 72V 18Ah Batteries (90Ah) 35-40 Miles

Additional notes:

- Mileages based vehicles with 1-2 passenger on average terrain,

- Off-Road driving may derate stated miles.

- Additional batteries can be added to the cart up to 2 years after install! Great for users who want additional run-time after initial installation.

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What is included in the set?

  • 2 to 6 x 72V 18Ah Lithium Batteries made to fit the existing slots in the cart.
  • State of Charge (SOC) Meter
  • Lithium Waterproof Charger with OEM Plug

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Battery Cases to fill the empty slots.
  • 6 Gauge Golf Cart Cables
  • 72V to 12V Stepdown Converter for Accessories


Includes Allied Lithium Charger.


This Golf Cart Lithium Battery Set includes a 72V 18Amp Allied Lithium Charger. It will charge batteries quickly and turn off once batteries are full.

Mounts to wall or directly onboard cart

Chargers can be easily mounted on walls or similar surfaces, either horizontally or vertically, for easy access and a low profile in your home or garage.


High-quality cast Aluminum Charger can be mounted on the wall or directly onboard without worry about the elements.

Opportunity Charging

This means you can top off your Lithium Batteries any time you want without harming the batteries (just like your cell phone). You can't do this with Lead Acid without damaging and reducing the life of the batteries.


OEM Plug to Match Your Cart.

Allied lithium batteries are built for a range of major golf cart brands, including Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. Chargers will have the matching OEM plug attached.


Includes State of Charge Meter.

Also our State of Charge (SOC) meter has an LCD screen that provides you an accurate percentage reading so there is no guessing how much charge remains, similar to a cell phone. The SOC is included with every set of batteries.

State of Charge meters can be mounted under the seat, directly onto the battery, or even on the dashboard of your vehicle.


Leave unattended for the winter.

Great for long term storage

For vehicles left in storage either for long winters or snow birds leaving their car for months, lithium batteries only lose 3-5% of charge per month. Lead-Acid batteries will lose up to 33% of charge per month when not on the charger.


    Ace Golf Carts is an authorized Allied Battery dealer.

    Allied Lithium batteries feature full 8-year warranties, upheld by the manufacturer. These are high-quality products with an exceptional reputation, built for efficient, long-lasting power.

    Ace Golf Carts is a proud and authorized Allied Lithium dealer, and we invite you to discover the Power of Lithium for your golf cart.


    How are they connected?

    The 36V 36Ah Lithium batteries will connect in a parallel method.

    Additional batteries can be added to the cart up to 2 years after install! Great for users who want additional run-time after initial installation.


    Tested and Safe.

    Allied Battery has over 30 years of experience in Lithium and safety.

    LifePO4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate is one of the safest battery chemistry available.

    Steel Plated Cylindrical Cells. Not Pouch Cells - Allied Batteries are made with high-quality steel-plated cylindrical cells designed to handle the wear and tear of a golf cart.

    Lesser quality products will use pouch cells that are not made for the rigger and vibration of a golf cart. This leads to reduced battery life and poor performance.

    Battery Management System - Unlike other systems that have one BMS for the entire system Allied battery has a BMS in every battery.

    The BMS will detect any problems with the performance of the battery and shut down any cells not functioning properly. The BMS will also protect the batteries from any over-charging or under charging.

    FedEx and UPS have approved our product for air and ground shipping.

    Click here to a full list of the Allied Battery Safety Certifications Safety Certifications

    Time to Convert to Allied Lithium.


    Easy Installation

    Remove your Lead-Acid Batteries and replace with Allied Lithium Batteries (the same size as lead-acid). Then attach cables in parallel, secure factory brackets, and your installation is complete.

    Works with all cart brands

    Allied lithium batteries are designed for use with most major golf cart brands. Find the perfect fit for your Club Car, EZGO, or Yamaha vehicle, and discover the power of lithium.

    Add batteries as needed

    Allied Batteries can be added up to 2 years after install for additional power and distance. This is what makes Allied Batteries such a dynamic solution - the ability to add power based on your needs.

    Top Accessories.


    72V to 12V Converter

    This waterproof DC to DC voltage converter allows 12V accessories with Allied lithium 72V batteries. Rated for 30 amps, it is made from durable die-cast aluminum, with exact o-rings to match your terminals.

    6 Gauge Cable Pack

    High-quality cable pack for installing Allied Battery lithium batteries. Made of thick insulated PVC and strong aluminum rings, this rugged cable is as durable as it is flexible.

    Empty Filler Cases

    Filler battery case for empty slots not used during Allied lithium battery conversion. These batteries are the same size as the standard Allied lithium battery, making them a perfect stand in.


    8-Year Warranty.

    Allied lithium batteries include an 8-year manufacturer's warranty to guarantee you will receive the full value of your investment.

    Lithium batteries under normal use will provide you over 10 years of maintenance-free service! While lead-acid will last just 3-5 years based on how well you maintain the batteries.


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