Yamaha Drive / Drive 2 - DoorWorks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosure - Sunbrella

Yamaha Drive / Drive 2 - DoorWorks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosure - Sunbrella

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Yamaha Drive / Drive 2 - DoorWorks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosure - Sunbrella


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DoorWorks. Hinged Door Enclosure.

Yamaha Drive and Drive 2

The DoorWorks Golf Cart Enclosure is the best hinged door cart enclosure on the market and is designed to fit the Yamaha Drive perfectly.

DoorWorks Hinged Door Enclosure are made to fit carts with Golf Bag set up, Rear Facing Seat or a Utility Box with no customization. The patent hinged door solution makes getting in and out of the golf cart very easy.

Recommended for Golfers, Universities, Businesses, Government Agencies and anyone who would like to protect themselves and the cart from the elements.

DoorWorks are made with high quality power coated metal frame with your choice of either a marine grade laminated vinyl or Sunbrella awning grade canvas. The golf cart enclosure is designed to stand up to the elements by resisting stains, mildew and is easy to clean.

Feel confident when you go out that you and your cart will be protected. It is time to open the door to a better golf cart cover.

High-Quality Materials in Multiple Colors.
Match Your Cart.

Sunbrella color options are available in Jet Black, Wheat and Linen. Sunbrella acrylic canvas is an awning grade material that is very durable. Designed to stand up to the elements and resist stains, this awning fabric has a stiff finish to maintain shape, is fade resistant, durable and easy to clean.

The DoorWorks frame is made of durable Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame with tough black epoxy paint (Guaranteed to never rust) and is enclosed with a Marine Grade Vinyl OR Awning Grade Sunbrella Canvas. The standard installation time is usually around one to two hours, depending on experience. Installation requires no drilling or cart modification, only simple hand tools.

Zippers in Windows and Back Panel.

The hinged doors now come standard with Zippers in door windows and rear window! No need to open the door to get some air or talk, simply roll down the window.

The Hinged Doors an almost air-tight seal with this quality enclosure. Designed specifically for each cart model.

Doors Lock Open While Driving.

DoorWorks comes with a one of a kind Standout Latch solution that allows the doors to be securely open while driving. This is ideal when the mornings are cold and temperatures rise throughout the day or regions with intermittent showers.

Doors go from the locked open position to closed quickly when the when the weather call for it. Best of all they can easily be removed when not needed.

The New "Over-the-Top" Standout Latch.

Now included are the new patent pending "Over the Top" Standout Latches. No more straps/PVC solution. These new latches connect to the header bar and hold the doors open by securing over the top of the door.

Removable Hinged Hard Doors.

DoorWorks enclosures are a patented golf cart enclosure with innovative hinged doors. These doors can be secured open, closed or taken off all together.

The Doors can also be completely removed in no time at all. This solution provides a great way to deal with the hot summer months when the doors might not be necessary. Get the perfect breeze with the doors removed, the front windshield down, and our unique rear window rolled up.

3-Year Warranty. Unmatched.

In addition to the high-quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into every portable cover includes a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

DryClub Canopy. Protect Your Clubs.

The DryClub is a golf club canopy that protects the sweater basket and golf clubs from the elements.

Designed to work perfectly with the DoorWorks Track Enclosure, it simply installs to the back of the cart with no drilling required.

dry club

WindSeal Kit. Wind-Proof Your Cart.

The WindSeal kit is designed to fit snug above AND below the windshield to stop any drafts or cold air that may get through. Each cart model has a custom design to ensure the WindSeal Kit fits snug. They install quickly and work great.

Available in Vinyl and Sunbrella and matches the color of the enclosure.

DoorGuards. Avoid Wear and Tear.

In high wind situations an unclosed DoorWorks Enclosure door can be slammed against the rear tire area. This can cause the tire to rub against the fabric and leave a mark. DoorGuards take care of this issue.

Installation is simply attaching the DoorGuards to the door frame after fabric installation. After years of testing, there have been NO issues of tire rub when the DoorGuards are installed on the golf cart.

dry club

Rubber Weather Stripping. Seal the Doors.

The Velcro backed rubber strips seal the gaps between the Door Frames and the Door Posts creating a water/air barrier in the gap naturally created by the doors.


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  • Do you ship to Canada?

    Yes, please reach out via Chat and we can get a quote for the shipping price.

  • Will this fit the new Yamaha golf cart with a basket? I know it says it will fit drive 2. How does it fit around the basket?

    The enclosure will go on the inside of the rear roof supports, so the basket will not be affected. So you can have a rear facing seat, utility box or golf bag set up and it will fit perfect.

  • I have mounted mirrors on the outside frame will this enclosure work or will i need to change to a inside mirror? I also have a amp caddy speaker that mounts to the windshield frame will that work? Thanks Herman Hatfield

    Yes side mirrors work great with this enclosure.  You will need to remove the mirrors for install then reinstall over the fabric on the front roof support. You may need to poke a small hole in the no rip no tear fabric for the bolt to resecure.   

    Yes the speaker is fine, it will not get in way of the install.  

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