Golf Cart Covers | Champion Throw Over or DoorWorks Enclosure

Golf Cart Covers | Champion Throw Over or DoorWorks Enclosure

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Golf cart covers are an aftermarket accessory added to golf carts to form a seal or shield around the exposed area of the vehicle. The purpose of the cover is to provide the passenger and the cart protection from the elements. There are two common styles of covers, a Champion Throw Over or a DoorWorks Enclosure. We will break down the features and uses of the two.


Champion Throw Over Golf Cart Cover

The best way to describe a throw over golf cart cover is to compare it an umbrella or rain cover for a cart. It is a portable four sided solution that can easily be thrown over the vehicle when needed. Usually stored in small carrying case these throw overs are great for regions with sporadic unpredictable weather like spotty showers or large gust of winds. The best part of this solution is no drilling or installation required.


Champion Golf Cart Cover


All of the Champion Throw Overs are four sided, but the front window can be removed if a windshield is already installed on the cart. The back window has also been customized to fit the needs of the user, there is dual rear zippers to provide easy access to you golf bag and and clubs.


Features and Colors

Throw overs are made from a quality polyester fabric and the windows are made of a 20 gauge clear vinyl. It does not rip or tear like the standard industry material used for other throw overs. The typical throw over golf cart cover colors are Tan, Black and Blue which are all great for hiding dirt and wear the covers will face from the element over time.

DoorWork Golf Cart Enclosures.


DoorWorks Golf Cart Enclosure

The second choice of cover is called a DoorWorks Golf Cart Enclosure. A DoorWorks enclosure is permanent structure that utilizes the existing roof support on the cart.


Yamaha Drive Enclosure


The enclosure will have hinged doors that can either be put in the closed position, secured in the open position or removed completely. No matter the cart model, year, or passenger capacity (2, 4, 6, and 8) is a good chance there is DoorWorks enclosure specifically designed to fit it. Products range from an 2 passenger EZ-Go TXT to a 6 passenger standard Yamaha cart. Click here for a full list of the compatible DoorWorks Carts. The custom design is why each cover fits snug to the cart which help s avoid wear and tear (wheel rubbing, loose fabric, etc).


Fabric and Colors

There are 2 choices on the fabric for the DoorWorks Enclosure, Vinyl and Sunbrealla. The most popular Vinyl cover colors are Tan, Black and Blue. The most popular Sunbrella colors are Toast, Linen and Jet Black; however, there are a wide range of custom colors offered, read more about Sunbrella and the color options here.


Closed hinged doors on golf cart

How To Get a Golf Cart Cover

When deciding on which type of golf cart cover to get, a Champion Throw Over or a DoorWorks Enclosure, the most important aspect to consider the activity you will using it for and the cart you currently own or use. If you have nay questions or to speak to an expert please call 314-426-0100 or send us an email at and we will make sure you get the right cover for your cart.


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Golf Cart Covers | Champion Throw Over or DoorWorks Enclosure


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